BME Course Description


Breathing Meditation Essentials (BME) is the ACE Health & Wellbeing signature course. BME provides a firm foundation for genuine growth, health, wellness and essential change. BME teaches you how to BYou! Experiencing an authentic self-transformation through expert tuition, practical application, interaction with multimedia learning materials, and other BME students in the BME Facebook Group

The #1 Online Meditation Course, Breathing Meditation Essentials facilitates the establishment and sequential development of a daily self-practice. 

While the course could be completed in six weeks, each module is drip fed fortnightly i.e. over 12-weeks, via six digital learning modules, to really deepen your practice; all accessible right here in the ACE Health & Wellbeing Learning Portal: 

Course Aims & Outcomes: 

  • Restore Sound Breathing 
  • Independent Mindfulness/Meditation 
  • Return to Genuine Health/Wellness 
  • Self-transformation 
  • Manifest Full Potential/Your Life's Purpose 

Each module teaches important steps in Self-awareness, integrating foundational methods into daily self-practice. Guided meditations and direct experience further deepen understanding and self-mastery. Coursework is viewed online as a digital e-book, podcasts, audio files, videos and webinars; you can save to your desktop or phone. 

Core Content: 

  • Essentials of Breathing 
  • Relaxation & Stress Release 
  • Practical Mindfulness Training 
  • Science & Art of Breathing Meditation 
  • Practical Training in 5-Meditation Methods 
  • Innovative Methodologies & Tools for Self-transformation 


  • Essentials of Mindfulness & Meditation; Meditation Schedule PDF 
  • The 10 Forms of Faulty Breathing 
  • 3-Levels of Breathing, Relaxation & Stress Release 
  • Breathing Practice for Shallow Breathers & Asthmatics 
  • The Practice of Mindfulness & Restorative Breathing Meditation Practice
  • The 5 Forms of Meditation: Breath, Light, Mantra, Mandala, Yantra with: step-by-step tuition, PDF instructions, audio & video guided meditations, songs, mantra, mandala & yantra creation/ colouring-in 
  • 9 Foundational Practices: Breath, Visualisation, Affirmation, Journaling, Life Spiral, Relaxation, Infinite Release, Mindfulness, Meditation 
  • 6 Audio Guided Meditations 
  • 8 Video Trainings
  • 10 Slide Decks
  • The Seedpod: Health & Wellbeing Essentials Podcast 
  • 3 Audio files – Guided Relaxation; Breathing Space; Sweet Dreams 
  • Practical Training: Creating Your Own Space; Breath & Mindfulness practice; Meditation methods; Daily Self-practice & Rhythm 
  • Artistic Activities: Boost your ability to focus and practice Mindfulness, stimulating and nurturing right brain creativity and balanced function. 
  • Experiential Learning with Spiral of Life & Infinite Releaseto explore, recognise and heal physical, mental and emotional issues; connect with your true Self to increase Self-awareness, positive thinking, inner peace, happiness, creativity, and restful sleep. 

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