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Welcome to my Signature course BME, where I teach you the Essentials of Sound Breathing, Mindfulness & Meditation, so You can Build a Strong Foundation and Manifest Your Full Potential!

Feel Free to Access My Life-changing Resources to Unwind, Destress, Recharge and Start Your Journey of Self-Transformation. 

Unlock & Correct Your Breathing

Take the first step to reclaiming your breathing space & ultimately your POWER! Understand what correct breathing really means, and why faulty breathing induces stress.

Finding Your Authentic Self

In this first episode of The Seedpod, Anne (MHSc) explains the Why? of finding and maintaining your physical, mental and emotional wellness. Discover the underlying cause of pain, key research results, thought-provoking case studies, & real pain solutions with sound health advice.
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Research Findings: Stress & Your Health

Everyone needs daily SSHH time to Stay Safe, Happy & Healthy. In this report, the latest research alerts you to the damaging effects of Stress and the essential need to slow down and destress on a daily basis. This Call to Action rings loud and clear, bringing with it everything to gain, and without heeding its warning, everything to lose. Time to choose where you sit.
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BME Delivers

  • A full suite of downloadable resources & trainings to establish & maintain daily practice

  • A Digital Course Pathway that never stops giving with Six Modules to last a lifetime

  • Breathing Meditation Essentials e-Book for In-depth Study of Course Content

  • Ongoing Support, Discussion & Inspiration in our Private Online BME FB Group

  • Access to Anne for Q & A's, 1-on-1s and Shared Teaching & Learning

What BME Alumni Say

The Breathing Meditation Essentials course has been a game changer in my every day mindfulness practice. The depth and quality of the content presented is like no other online course I have seen before. Anne's in-depth understanding, instruction and resources, makes BME over deliver on what it promises; providing students with tangible tools and learnings to embrace real and essential change; understand the importance of Self-practice in mind-body health & wellness as a whole. I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone seeking to learn and explore mindfulness; establish a great breathing & meditation practice, with Anne helping us all live better and more meaningful lives.

Nicole Ray, Owner & Editor, Minty Magazine

Through her BME coursework, Anne educates and supports her clients in all areas of their health and wellbeing. Nutrition, breath-work, meditation and sleep are among the many elements of Anne’s holistic approach. Anne’s academic background and knowledge of physiology and the integration of body systems is exceptional. Breathing Meditation Essentials has made such a difference in my life, I truly love it. Anne’s comprehensive coverage of methodology and clear outcomes-based learning pathways, gets you established in a daily self-practice right from the start.

Lisa Davies - Teacher




Anne Evans writes and delivers online coursework and resources improving the health and wellbeing of people all over the world. Anne teaches her BME coursework through her online education portal, ACE Health & Wellbeing™  annecevans.com; as well as her own personal brand of Pilates & Yoga, the ACE Method©, in live online streaming sessions at:  mosmanpilates.com.  

An inspired teacher, researcher, creative and innovator, Anne specialises in pain transformation & Mind-Body-Spirit integration; teaching the important findings of her in-depth research thesis:

'The Integration of Structure & Balanced Function.'                                 

Through her ACE Method, Anne teaches the proportion and geometric measures of the physical body, along with sound breathing and self-adjustment; bringing the 'Spirit' to the forefront of physical exercise.

'Balanced physical proportion = Spirit made visible.'    ~   ACE, 2021

She also hosts 'The Seedpod: Health & Wellbeing Essentials', a wellness podcast series to help you recognise the source of your issues and pain; with self-check & self-regulation strategies to kick-start your self-transformation, now on Apple Podcasts  Spotify  Stitcher .

Anne also writes and publishes children's stories and songs. Her aim being to provide support and guidance for happy, healthy children. View her portfolio at byronplay.com

BME Benefits

  • Release Deep-seated Stress & Tension

  • Correct Faulty Breathing Patterns

  • Reduce Anxiety & Be Less Reactionary

  • Improve Sleep & Energy Levels

  • Identify & Release Past Ties & Traumas

  • Reprogram Nervous System (NS) Dysfunction

  • Discover & Tap-in to Your Life's Purpose

  • Visualise & Actualise Your Goals

  • Live a Healthier, More Meaningful Life

  • Self-transformation with Lifetime Guidance & Support

"Take this Opportunity and Empower Your Authentic Self"

Discover YOUR best life, and manifest the very BEST of YOU; the world needs you & what you can offer! Simply click the button below for the BME Course Description, START YOUR SELF-TRANSFORMATION TODAY!!

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My Guarantee to You

Commit to your own wellness with a daily self-practice, same time, same place every day for 30-days, and I guarantee you will feel and see results of Self-transformation, or your money back!
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Realize the Dream!

A goal without action remains a dream. Be Bold, be Authentic and take action with BME!

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